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Some of our services
The tours on these pages are just some of the many we organize. You can contact us and request the customization of the services in relation to your level of fitness or health and, obviously, your interest.

The prices shown relate to basic services, for example meals and bicycles are not included in the proposals.

Contact us to request any information you think useful to create your tour.

I’ve traveled around the world, but heaven is here.

Capo Testa.jpg

Capo Testa Hike

A breathtaking walk among the amazing shapes of granite rocks of the peninsula of Capo Testa, in Santa Teresa di Gallura. This is the point further north of the island of Sardinia, in one of the most famous areas, known as Costa Smeralda. 

This site, well known also for one of the oldest hippie communities of Italy, gives you a fantastic taste of the Mediterranean scents and colors.

With its amazing beach and the pinkish light, you will see one of the most beautiful sunsets of your life.


Level of difficulty: T (tourist)

Half day hiking

from 30€pp

Min 4 people

Monti di Aggius.jpg

Trekking: On the traces of the "Muto di Gallura"

The route crosses one of the most beautiful areas of the inner Gallura, near the village of Aggius.

The main theme of this tour is to trace the story of the famous bandit Sebastiano "Bastianu" Tansu, known as "the mute of Gallura". The tour tracks the traces of some of the places where it is said he had lived, during his criminal life, in a period when life was very hard and nature very wild.

After the tour you can visit the Bandit Museum in the historic center of Aggius. Take a walk in the beautiful medieval part of the village, one of the most beautiful and best preserved in Sardinia as well as, orange flag of the Touring Club Italia.

Difficulty level: E (Hikers)
Full day excursion
From 35€ per person
Minimum 5 people

servizi di supporto

Support Service

Support Services are mainly for tour operators and Travel Agencies, include a number of activities, such as;

Baggage transfer;

Customer information;

Bicycle fitting.

Vecchia ferrovia.jpg

Biking on the Old Railway Tracks

Half a day biking through the territories of inner Gallura. This bike path is the old railway line that connected the towns Luras - Calangianus to Monti, which at that time meant connecting the coast to the interior, mainly used due to the production of coal and cork.

It was inaugurated in 1888 and closed in 1958, is considered one of the most beautiful bike paths in Sardinia. This ride will give you the thrill of crossing a wild area, that of the Limbara massif, with fresh water fountains and lush nature.

Easy path


Starting from 35€ pp

min 5 persons

Monte Acuto.jpg

Biking around the Limbara

Starting from the town of Calangianus, this bike tour can be done either on a road bike or a hybrid bike.

The tour crosses the territories of 4 municipalities, Calangianus , the starting point, known for the production of cork stoppers and home of the homonymous museum, which you can visit by reservation. Berchidda, famous for its Vermentino, where you can visit the wine museum. Oschiri and Tempio Pausania, the capital of the upper Gallura, with its beautiful old center. These areas once lived mostly thanks to the natural resources that Mount Limbara produced; mainly timber, minerals and wildlife.

The tour is panoramic and has challenging parts. Very recommended!

Route of medium difficulty

Full day

Starting from 45€ pp

min 5 persons

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