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The shape of granite

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Although granite is a stone known for its hardness, in Gallura the weathering of granite rocks has formed thousands of shapes, resembling animals, plants and clouds.

By observing some stones, using your imagination, you'll see a large collection of fantastic images.The wind, the sun, the weathering has shaped these rocks with the most incredible forms that one could imagine.

This route has as a dominant motif; observing the shapes of granite around Arzachena, that offers a large choice in terms of dimensions and shapes of the Tafoni and the top of these rocks, which we never get tired of observing, that change color according to the season and the light of that day.

The route we are proposing starts in the area of Lu Brandu. From there we walk eastward in the direction of the rock called the "Gallura Sphinx" or "of Tziu Maltinu". Climbing over the rock to the Sphinx based, we can admire one of the most beautiful views of the area, from the island of Tavolara to the Archipelago of La Maddalena.

After that, we walk downwards from the rock and climb upwards on a path, signaled by small stone heaps, in the direction of Monti Tundu,

Another beautiful Tafone with a cross on the top, which preserve evident traces of the Caprili, goat stables built by shepherds during ancient times and diffused until the 60's. At this point we turn towards of the farm Lu Brandu, to admire the beautiful Tafone found there.

Technical info:

Level of difficulty: E

Time: about 4 hours

Length: about 8 km

Price: €35 pp

Minimum 4 people

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