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Paths and Walks

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Walking is one of those activities that bring you back in contact with nature. Walking is easy and immediate, we all can do it, almost without training. No need for large and expensive equipment, just a pair of comfortable shoes, a small backpack with water and something to eat and we are ready to leave for an easy walk. This is the beginning. Then, as you become more familiar with yourself, first of all, and after with the surroundings, then you slowly begin to understand what you need to walk longer distances safely, to orient ourselves and to enjoy the landscape and the nature that surrounds you. Once that is gained, add to your backpack a small first aid kit, a compass and a map of the area you intend to visit, a GPS would be best, since we are learning to move in an unknown Environment or, use an expert to guide you,

The first thing we must realize is that walking must be fun, and so we must do it in absolute safety. Maybe one day, when we are more trained and more experienced we will dare something more. But remember that in the outdoors it's better not to improvise, improvisation can lead to big problems, for us and for everyone around us.

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