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From the tree to the table, the journey of the cork top

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

When you buy a bottle of wine at the market or in a shop, how do you choose it ?

What is the criteria that made you decide for a wine instead of another ?

Are you a connoisseur or do you just listen to your friends' suggestions ?

Ask yourself in an unconscious manner, but be sure to ask.

Choosing a bottle of Wine in Italy can be complicated, due to a very large choice. And although the average quality is quite high, it is also true that you are not sure about your choice until you open that bottle.

Of course I don't have the solution, there are thousands of experts that work for consumers which try to give you suggestions in this sense.

I do suggest choosing a wine with a cork top, not necessarily in a single piece, but at least that the part in contact with the wine be natural cork.

In fact, the cork allows the wine to breathe and guarantees the transpiration of the bottle, it's a completely natural material, biodegradable, and can be recycled.

So, first of all, buy a wine with a cork top.

to be continued

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